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Putin announced to give 5 million rubles on the death of soldiers in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin is facing opposition in his own country over the Ukraine-Russia war. 7,000 people involved in the demonstration have been detained. Amidst growing protests, Putin has announced a huge financial aid for his soldiers involved in the Ukraine war. 10 days have passed since the war between Ukraine and Russia began.

In this war, both the countries are claiming to kill thousands of each other's soldiers. Although it will not be so easy to find out the exact number of soldiers killed, yet on the 11th day of the war, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced financial assistance to the families of the soldiers killed in the war or the injured military personnel. Under his announcement, apart from Ukraine, soldiers and their families involved in the Syrian war will also get benefits. He said that 5 million rubles (Rs 40 lakh) will be given to the family of soldiers who lost their lives in Ukraine or Syria and 3 million rubles (Rs 24 lakhs) will be given to the injured soldiers.According to the report of Al-Jazeera, Russia's Defense Ministry has issued the first report of casualties.

It states that 498 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine and 1,597 more have been injured. A few days ago, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov released this report, assuring that all possible assistance is being provided to the families of those killed. At the same time, he claimed that more than 2,870 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in his attack and some 3,700 more were injured, while 572 others were captured by the Russians. At the same time, there were reports in the media that according to the claim of the Ukrainian army, at least 4,500 Russian soldiers have been killed. In 2015, Russia launched air strikes in Syria to support Bashar al-Assad's struggling troops, Al-Jazeera reported. To help in this conflict, more than 63,000 of its military personnel were stationed in Syria.

However, the exact figure of how many Russian soldiers died in this war was not released.On March 28, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky announced an order of 100,000 hryvnia (Ukrainian currency) every month to his troops after the Russian offensive began. He said that it will play a major role in strengthening the Ukrainian army and also boost the morale of the soldiers. The Russian army attacked Ukraine on 24 February. Before this, for months, he had done the work of encircling this country from all sides. According to the UNHRC, 1,368,864 Ukrainians have so far left the country and taken refuge in other countries due to Russia's attack.

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