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President Putin lauded the victory of Orban in Hungary, raises the speculations of unity within EU

With the recent elections held in Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban successfully managed to win the fourth general election consecutively. His right-wing party Fidesz won 67.8% of the votes marking a clear majority. The opposition party led by Peter Marki-Zay secured 28.1% of the votes. On the great victory attained by Orban, his right-wing supporter, Russian President Putin, congratulated him for his accomplishment.

The Kremlin claimed that President Putin has lauded Prime Minister Orban and expressed his confidence in evolving and mushrooming ties between the two nations irrespective of the growing international disputes. Moreover, Mr. Orban has staunchly criticized Brussels bureaucrats and Ukraine President Zelenskyy, calling them "Opponents." Mr. Orban seems to share an unpleasant relationship with the EU, which simultaneously raises the question of Hungary's democracy undermined by Fidesz.

On the other hand, Ukraine president Zelenskyy has often criticized Mr. Orban's decision not to transfer weapons to Ukraine despite being the neighboring country. His decision not to move the guns depicts Mr. Orban's inclination toward President Putin. Though Hungary has welcomed more than half a million refugees from Ukraine, it's a decision not to join the process of imposing sanctions against Russia, which exhibits an ambiguous relationship between Hungary with Russia. Besides Hungary, other European countries like Germany and Austria have also not explicitly agreed to the decision to ban the import of Russian has and oil. Such situations seem to raise particular speculation regarding the unity within EU members and the influence of the autocratic country on democratic countries of Europe.

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