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Power Cuts in Russia Following Ukrainian Drone Attack on Electrical Substation in Kursk

Ukraine's relentless drone offensive continues to impact neighboring Russia, with reports emerging of a successful UAV attack on an electrical substation in the Russian region of Kursk. The attack has resulted in power outages in seven settlements, according to a statement by Roman Starovoit, the governor of the Kursk region.

Kursk, which shares a border with Ukraine, has been a frequent target for shelling and drone attacks by Kyiv's forces, according to local officials. This ongoing conflict at the border has created a volatile and tense situation in the region.

The incident occurred this morning in the village of Snagost, located in the Korenevsky district of Kursk. A Ukrainian drone reportedly dropped an explosive device on an electrical substation, causing severe damage and cutting off power to seven settlements in the vicinity. Governor Roman Starovoit promptly addressed the situation through the messaging platform Telegram, stating, "None of the residents were injured in the attack." The timely evacuation or safety measures taken by the local population likely contributed to the absence of casualties.

Governor Starovoit assured the affected residents that emergency crews would begin restoring power supply as soon as possible. The prompt response from authorities demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the well-being and safety of the local population. This latest incident underscores the ongoing tensions and violence along the Ukraine-Russia border, further exacerbating the already fragile situation in the region. The international community continues to monitor developments closely, with hopes for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and an end to the suffering experienced by the affected populations on both sides.

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