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Possibility of World War III and Putin's readiness to invade Ukraine in 2022?

Russia approves emergency mass grave . Possibility of World War III if Russia invades Ukraine.

What is Russia's motive behind this?

The news comes amid concerns that Vladimir Putin is plotting to invade his neighbor Ukraine in 2022, and that more than 175,000 Russian troops have been sent to the border.

According to Russian media reports, plans to build mass graves in Russia are expected to be implemented from February 1. Burial sites were built as a priority after allegedly appearing on leaked secret legal documents.

The burial grounds will accommodate 100 bodies each and will be used with the facility to bury the bodies of the solders.

The horrific preparations were exposed after Russia claimed that the army was set up only for self-defense and did not actively choose the path of conflict.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has described his neighbor as a "hot head" and warned of possible future war.

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