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PM Modi confused over teleprompter shutdown? The video goes viral, what exactly happened?

Prime Minister Modi addressed the Daos Agenda Conference on Monday. Now a video of this speech is going viral. Opposition parties, including Congress, have criticized Modi for this. The truth behind the virus video clip has also come to light. What exactly happened?

Prime Minister Modi on Monday attended the World Economic Forum in Daos. Sharing a clip of Prime Minister Modi's address at the conference, Congress has targeted Prime Minister Modi. Besides, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also targeted Prime Minister Modi.

Prime Minister Modi had attended the Daos Agenta conference via video conferencing due to the Corona crisis. Prime Minister Modi addressed the conference. During this speech, he stopped talking. It is alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not speak further as the teleprompter suddenly stopped during his address. With this, Congress and party leader Rahul Gandhi have attacked Prime Minister Modi.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted and criticized Prime Minister Modi. Teleprompter could not bear such a lie, said Rahul Gandhi in a tweet.

Along with Rahul Gandhi's criticism, Congress also took aim. Congress has criticized the teleprompter for saying goodbye, remember the prayers. On the other hand, BJP leaders have also responded to Congress' criticism. The technical failure was caused by the World Economic Forum. This forced Prime Minister Modi to stop addressing, said Delhi BJP spokesperson Tejinder Pal Singh Bagga.

Some other videos are also coming out regarding this relationship of Prime Minister Modi. There was no technical glitch in the teleprompter. It is said that the management team told him to stop Prime Minister Modi and ask him if his voice was heard.

What is the truth?

At the Daos Agenda Conference of the World Economic Forum, Prime Minister Modi appealed to foreign investors to invest in India. Prime Minister Modi briefed on the economic reforms made in India during his tenure. India, notorious for its 'License Raj', has changed a lot and moved on, Prime Minister Modi said. Is your voice heard at the conference? A technician asked PM Modi to ask the dignitaries present at the conference. On this occasion, Prime Minister Modi also asked the audience. Can you hear me That is what Prime Minister Modi asked? The audience agreed. Prime Minister Modi was addressing in Hindi. The same address was being translated into English and addressed to the audience. However, due to some technical reasons, the voice of the translator did not reach the audience. Therefore, it has become clear that Prime Minister Modi stopped not because of the teleprompter but because of technical reasons. This is clearly seen in the following YouTube video of the Daos conference.

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