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People in many parts of America dress up in 'RRR' costumes on Halloween

RRR Halloween Look: Generally, dressing up in ghost costumes is the rule on this day. But in terms of popularity, Halloween has defeated ghosts of all countries.

Halloween is the Night of ghosts. Many people in the western world dress up as ghosts on this day. People dress up like this on Halloween night to celebrate ghosts or the supernatural that local folklore talks about. But this time, the western world witnessed a strange event. This time Rajamouli's 'RRR' faced tough competition from folk culture ghosts of different countries. People in many parts of America dress up in 'RRR' costumes on Halloween.

SS Rajamouli's film has already created new records in terms of worldwide box office earnings. This film has also received a massive response in the theaters of Japan. The film grossed INR 1 crore on its release day in Japan, the biggest opening for any Indian film.

The film, which has made revenue records in many countries, including America, and Japan, has now also entered Halloween costumes. Recently, a picture of a Halloween party held in St. Louis, USA, went viral on Twitter. Many people have been seen in the costumes of Ram Charan and Junior NTR's characters.

.Many people are sharing the pictures on Twitter. Ram Charan and Junior NTR's characters are the most popular at Halloween parties, but many people have also dressed up as tigers and bears and even tried to act out several scenes of the film as themselves.

Rajamouli's 'RRR' has become the biggest attraction of this year's Halloween.

The pictures have already gone viral on social media. Many have said that they have rarely had such a fun experience.

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