Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran khan to face a No-confidence motion soon

Pakistan’s parliament will have a discussion about the no-confidence motion which is scheduled to be on this Friday. While the lower house speaker’s office has said that this is may lead to political turmoil in the country.

An alliance of political parties have filed a no-confidence motion against Imran Khan and his government earlier this month, the alliance has stated that Imran Khan’s government has lost its parliamentary majority as many have left the party.

The speaker of the lower house of the parliament is required to convene the session within 14 days of receiving the motion constitutionally, the deadline will end on Monday. But the statement of the speaker of the lower house state’s that the date has been pushed because an Islamic conference has been scheduled in Islamabad on March 23.

There is an interesting development as without the coalition parties and dissidents, Imran Khan’s party Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, which has 155 seats in the lower house, would fall short of the 172 needed to retain power. While the opposition has a good strength of nearly 165 members as they can build a majority if most of the defectors join the alliance.

While no Pakistani Prime minister has been able to complete one full term it is interesting to see whether Imran Khan will be able to retain his power.

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