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Oscar-winner Paul Haggis was arrested for sexual harassment; by Italian police action

Big news about Oscar-winning Canadian director Paul Haggis. Paul was arrested in southern Italy for sexual assault. Now a big update has come out about this. According to media reports, Paul has denied the allegations.

In 2017, film, television story writer, producer, and director Paul Haggis was arrested in Italy on sexual harassment charges. Paul is accused of raping a girl for two days in Ostuni, southern Italy. So he was arrested. According to media reports, Paul Haggis' statement has come to light. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. In his statement, Paul said that he was "innocent" and that "all these allegations are false." Investigate this matter as soon as possible because I have never done anything like that. Paul Haggis made the statement through his lawyer.

Who is Paul Haggis?

Paul Haggis, 69, is an Oscar winner. He was awarded an Oscar for his famous film Crash. Haggis will be the chief guest at the Ellora Film Festival, which starts on Tuesday in Ostuni, Brindisi, Italy. The victim is said to have been living with Paul Haggis before the ceremony.

What exactly is the whole affair? Paul Haggis and the victim met sometime before the affair. Paul then tried to have sex with the victim. Also, after the sexual assault, the victim was pressured to seek medical treatment. The victim then complained to him. Paul Haggis has now refuted the allegations through his lawyer.

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