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Ocean Fire Shocking video: Flames erupted in the middle of the ocean; people freak out on twitter

Fire In The Middle Of Ocean: "The destruction of the world is near"; many such videos have been circulating on social media for the past few years. One such video has gone viral once again. In this, flames of fire can be seen in the middle of the sea. Many people were shocked to see the fire on the water in the middle of the ocean. Now netizens have bombarded their comments on this.

A sudden fire on the ocean's surface in the middle of the sea has spread panic worldwide. After seeing this video, people started discussing different kinds of things. As soon as this video went viral on social media without any information, people started talking about it. Some people even started saying that the world's destruction is not far away. However, the reality was different.

A dramatic video showing flames on the sea surface is going viral on the internet. This short clip shows the fire on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. The fire broke out after a gas leak from an underwater pipeline.

This incident took place in July last year. The video was shared by many social media users even then. But, now again, this video is circulating on social media. This video, which looks like a scene from a movie showing the end of the world, has shocked many people. This video is real and hard to believe.

The video shows bright orange flames shooting out of the water like molten lava. Also, four boats are seen around the fire to extinguish the fire.

The incident was caused by an underwater oil pipeline rupture connected to an offshore platform complex. Mexico's state-owned Pemex petrol company, Pemex, said it took more than five hours to contain the fire entirely.

The Old Mexico video goes viral

Pemex also reported that lightning and heavy rains affected some pipeline equipment. At the same time, a gas leak was detected in the pipeline. As the gas came to the water's surface, lightning struck it, causing a fire. After the fire was controlled, the company said normal operating conditions resumed, and there were no spills or environmental damage during the incident.

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