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North Korea has conducted another Hypersonic missile test

One of the State media confirmed that North Korea has successfully conducted a Hypersonic missile test under the presence of its leader Kim Jong Un, it successfully made a turn before hitting its target in the sea some 1,000km (621 miles) away.

During an on-site inspection, Mr. Kim has called for the strengthening of the country's " strategic military muscle both in quality and quantity".

It is significant to note that this is the third time that this hypersonic missile has been tested, hypersonic missiles can avoid detection for longer than ballistic missiles.

It came as six countries - including the US - issued a joint statement condemning last week's apparent test. urging the North to cease its "destabilizing actions" to the region.

While the UN and US have threatened North Korea will be imposed sanctions, Kim Jong Un continues with his plans of strengthening the army.

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