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North Korea condemns the US for the biological war in Ukraine

North Korea impeached the United States on Sunday for producing biological weapons in Ukraine, reverberating a Russian assertion spurned by the United Nations in March. Moscow supporter Pyongyang in February asserted that US policy was the "central cause of the current Ukraine crisis," and this month formally acknowledged two self-proclaimed pro-Russian separatist areas in eastern Ukraine, provoking Kyiv to break off diplomatic relations with North Korea.

Washington "established many biological labs in tens of countries and areas, including Ukraine, in the utter disregard of the international norms," the authorized Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Sunday, referring to what it said had been "unraveled" by Russia. Moscow in March impeached Washington for budget research into the advancement of biological weapons in Ukraine, which was occupied by Russia nearly five months ago.

Washington and Kyiv refuted the existence of laboratories planned to generate biological weapons in Ukraine, with the United States announcing the proclamations indicating that Moscow may employ such ploys.

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