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NASA's spacecraft found evidence of a mysterious rocket crash on the Moon!

Researchers from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission have announced that the spacecraft has found a new crater on the Moon where the rocket was predicted to fall. Space scientists have found a crater from the rocket body falling on the Moon. According to scientists, this crater was about three months ago. At the beginning of the year, astronomers found that the body of an unknown rocket was about to hit the Moon.

For this, the day of March 4 was given. Calculations were made about the place of its fall, where the body could fall. It was found that it would fall in the Hertzsprung Crater. Hertzsprung Crater is a 570 km wide area on the surface of the other side of the Moon. What scientists had guessed at that time proved to be correct. Researchers from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission announced that the spacecraft had found a new crater on the Moon where the rocket was supposed to fall. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter imagery has counted two such craters.

One of these is a 59 ft wide pit on the east side, and the other 52 ft wide pit is buried under the first and faces west. Mark Robinson, the mission's principal investigator at Arizona State University, said, "Scientists did not expect two large craters. The motor end of the K has a large weight in which the empty fuel tanks are saved." Robinson further said that the rocket that crashed on the Moon is still anonymous. No one knows where he had come from. Earlier it was speculated that it could be the upper stage of SpaceX Falcon 9, which DSCOVR launched in 2015. But after that, when it was investigated in-depth, scientists said it could be part of China's Long March booster, launched in 2014 during China's Change 5T1 mission. But China refused to accept that claim.

Here another thing is confusing the scientists. Even before this, parts of the rocket have fallen and crashed on the Moon.

But the shape is made by the fall of this rocket. It was never made before. None of the rocket parts formed pits on either side. So till now, this rocket remains a mystery. Here the question arises whether there is any other world other than Earth from where something like a rocket can be sent towards the Earth? Scientists are trying to find out the secret of this anonymous rocket.

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