Nancy Pelosi is on an Asia tour, but there is no clarity on Taiwan

The speaker of the house of US Representative, Nancy Pelosi is now on tour to Asia, her office has mentioned Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, but there is no mention of Taiwan. As China claims Taiwan, it is interesting to see whether Pelosi will visit Taiwan, as Beijing has warned of "serious consequences" if she visited Taiwan. No high-ranking official or an elected representative has visited Taiwan in the last 25 years.

China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province that must become a part of the country. Beijing has always asserted that it has not ruled out the possible use of force in the future. Even the Chinese officials have expressed anger over the growing diplomatic ties between Taipei and Washington as there was a surprise visit by 6 US lawmakers in April.

Meanwhile, Pelosi's office said that the tour was in the "Indo Pacific region", which "includes Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan." Even Ms Pelosi has always been vocal about the Chinese leadership for denouncing its human rights record. She has also met pro-democracy dissidents and visited Tiananmen Square to commemorate the victims of the 1989 massacre.

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