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Moscow warns Sweden and Finland to face dire consequences for taking shelter under NATO

The Russian-Ukraine war paves the way for numerous uncertainties in the global scenario. Russia's aggressive invasion of Ukraine has raised the alarm for its neighboring countries like Finland and Sweden. To maintain their national security Sweden and Finland are in the haste of joining NATO and seeking shelter in the western world. With the recent endeavors of Finland And Sweden, Russia has warned its neighboring countries against joining NATO.

The U.S. defense officials have claimed that "Moscow's invasion of Ukraine will likely breed the ground for NATO's expansion. The U.S. officials further claimed that they expected the Nordic countries to bid for membership by early June. Simultaneously, the U.S. is believed to be stimulating the move of Nordic neighbors, which would result in the growth of the alliance to 32 members. Moreover, the U.S. state department has released a statement about the deliberation between NATO leaders and foreign ministers from Stockholm and Helsinki.

Before the onset of the invasion, Russia demanded that NATO alliances should stop any further enlargement in eastern Europe. Still, contrary to this, Russia's aggression has led to the expansion of NATO in the east of Europe. The hostile Russian actions in Ukraine have garnered Swedish and Finnish membership support.

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