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Moscow Denies Striking Odesa Cathedral, Blames Ukraine for the Damage

In the latest development of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Moscow has vehemently denied any involvement in the reported attack on the Transfiguration Cathedral in Odesa. Instead, Russia has placed the blame squarely on Ukraine, refuting claims that they were responsible for the damage incurred by the historic site.

The Russian defense ministry issued a statement, asserting that the Ukrainian allegation of a high-precision weapon being used to target the cathedral "does not correspond to reality." They claim to have deliberately targeted facilities at a considerable distance from the Transfiguration Cathedral, in an attempt to prevent any harm to the revered religious structure.

Furthermore, the ministry underscored that their military operations were designed with measures to avoid civilian casualties and protect cultural and historical heritage sites. The statement read, "Russian strikes are planned to exclude civilian facilities, as well as cultural and historical heritage sites."

The Russian defense ministry went on to shift responsibility for the cathedral's damage, attributing it to "incompetent actions of the operators of air defense systems, which the AFU [Armed Forces of Ukraine] deliberately places in residential areas, including Odesa." According to their claims, the Ukrainian forces intentionally deploy their air defense assets in densely populated regions, making them vulnerable to counter-attacks.

The incident in Odesa adds to the escalating tension and accusations between Russia and Ukraine, further complicating the already volatile situation in the region. International observers have been closely monitoring the conflict, and this recent allegation by Russia has only intensified global concerns over potential humanitarian and cultural ramifications.

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