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Monalisa is a bigger player than Arpita

A news source talked with Baisakhi Banerjee, a close aide of Partha Chatterjee, who was arrested in the teacher recruitment scam case. During this, she made many big revelations. Baisakhi Banerjee called Partha Chatterjee her political godfather. She said that she never imagined Partha Chatterjee to be Mr. Romeo. In every district, Parth has properties; he has girlfriends. Baisakhi revealed that Monalisa is a bigger player than Arpita.

He has deep ties with Bangladesh.

There was a bag with a photo of Mujibur Rahman ( Great Leader of Bangladesh), which belongs to Monalisa, in the Diamond City flat from which 20 crores has been recovered from which 10 crores is of Partha. She feared that Monalisa had fled from Bangladesh. She said that Monalisa Das is very close to Partha Chatterjee.

When the time comes, it will also be revealed that in the teacher recruitment scam, Monalisa Das worked as the Pro Tem VC of Kazi Nazrul University due to her closeness to Partha Chatterjee. Baisakhi said that even after being 69 years old, Parth could be so colorful that she had not even imagined. Now the competition should be who is bigger, Arpita or Monalisa Das. Baisakhi Banerjee said that Partha Chatterjee was a very respected person. He used to be very close to her. He made her the President of WBCUPA (West Bengal College and University Professors Association: TMC Teach Cell) and asked them to end all corruption in the University and College. Baisakhi Banerjee said she never thought he would be the kingpin of teacher corruption.

Baisakhi said that after being behind in the WBCUPA, she realized that corruption revolved around him. She alleged that Partha had also asked him to do immoral acts.

Baisakhi said that the teacher's recruitment is a big scam. Rates are fixed for every activist, from VC selection to non-teaching staff. This price ranges from 50 thousand to 12 lakh. He said that the day the teacher's recruitment scam came to the fore, the real face of Monalisa Das has also come to the fore. Let us tell you that Dr. Baisakhi Banerjee is the professor and principal of Milli Al Ameen College. She was transferred to another college so Partha Chatterjee's OSD Sabina Nishat Umar could be given his place. Baisakhi said that after this, she became close to Parth, and she had to leave the job without accepting her resignation.

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