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Mike Tyson's condition is difficult even to stand; He takes $40000 worth of cannabis per month

Pic Credit- yahoo

Mike Tyson Cannabis: Mike Tyson's farm is located in Southern California, USA. Where they farm 420 acres of cannabis, Mike Tyson's addiction to marijuana has put his life in danger. Because of this, his condition has deteriorated. In a recent podcast, Mike Tyson said that his expiration date is near.

American former star boxer Mike Tyson has millions of fans worldwide. Unfortunate news for all these fans. It is reported that Mike Tyson's health has deteriorated. Not only this, but it has also become difficult for them to stand on their own feet. So this year, he is in a wheelchair (Mike Tyson).

It is said that this condition of 56-year-old Mike Tyson is due to the continuous consumption of cannabis. According to a Daily Star report, Mike Tyson spends around $40000 monthly on cannabis. The Tysons grow this cannabis on their 420-acre farm. He has also taken legal approval for that.

Tyson was seen in a wheelchair at the Miami airport. Currently, some photos of Mike Tyson have been revealed. In this, he is seen in a wheelchair at Miami International Airport. A stick was also seen in his hand. A few days ago, Mike Tyson was seen walking with the help of a stick in New York. All these photos show that Mike Tyson's health is not good. Tyson is reportedly in a wheelchair due to a back injury. Mike Tyson had been jailed for rape.

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A passenger was assaulted on a plane by Tyson

Recently, a video of Mike Tyson came out. In this, he is seen beating up a passenger during the flight. In the video, Mike Tyson can be seen beating up the passenger. This matter came to light on April 20. At that time, Mike Tyson flew from San Francisco to Florida on a JetBlue flight.

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