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Massive Celebration in Ukraine after the liberation of Kherson

Ukraine begins with a celebration after the liberation of the key Southern city of Kherson from Russian invaders. Moscow illegally annexed four reasons Ukraine, including Kherson, just six weeks ago. Also, the city's kimberliances will remain part of Russia despite its troop withdrawal.

Ukraine has victory, which fills the air with newly liberated joy and the forces are greater than tears of happiness. People in nearby villages and cities are flying Ukrainian flags back or then with pride as news of the Russian retreat is confirmed.

It's also bitter news for Russian President Vladimir Putin - who just a month ago declared that the Kherson region to be forever part of Russia. Kherson is one of four Ukrainian regions Russia attempted to annex in violation of international law. Some doubt that Moscow would give up fighting for a territory filled with people.

Ukraine's military searches for any Russian soldiers still in Kherson. The U.S. expresses optimism over Russia's retreat from Kherson. Satellite images show damage to a major dam in Kherson.

Although Russia's defense ministry announced on Friday that all of its forces had been withdrawn from the city and had taken up new positions on the east bank of the Dnipro River, the Ukrainian military's intelligence agency said on Saturday that there were still soldiers in fixed defensive positions and that it was unclear whether they would fight, flee or surrender. "Time will tell," - is stated as of now.

It still needs to be determined how many soldiers were left behind as the Russians retreated and how many might be part of an organized fighting force aiming to slow the Ukrainian advance. Hence, all the necessary protocols have been taken by the government.

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