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Mariupol citizens living in Inferno as Russian army attacks the Ukrainian city every 30 minutes

Amid the ferocious and aggressive Russian attack over Ukraine, the local citizens of Ukraine are uncertain and petrified about what can befall them in the next hour. The habitats of Mariupol in Ukraine are experiencing hell in their own country, where after every 30 minutes their homes are bombarded claimed the local officials. The incessant attack has even vandalized the city port and eventually destroyed any possibility of evacuation. According to stats nearly


400,000 people are currently stuck in Mariupol, and the Russian army ruthlessly attacks apartment buildings and residential areas said the mayor Vadym Boychenko.

The terrifying scenario of blazing cars, vandalized hospitals, and mutilated port cities have raised the uncertainty of the ceasefire of the ongoing Russian hostilities. As the major post cities have been mutilated the channel for sending food and water had also come to a halt.

The aviation attacks after every 30 minutes in Mariupol, Ukraine, have compelled the citizens to experience hell in their land.

With the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war and continuous aviation attack, ks not a single civilian was able to leave Mariupol, said the official. Simultaneously, the advisor to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andrushenko said that " the Russian army wanted to delete our people, they want to halt the evacuation process."

The ongoing 10-day blockade of the city has endeavoured approximately the lives of 1,300 lives according to Ukrainian officials. The attack has also blocked all the channels for sending food, water and medicine into the city. Ukraine President Zelenskyy also claimed that the Russian army attacked humanitarian corridors into the city. Zelenskyy also said that the Russian army launched a tank attack exactly where this corridor was supposed to be, they have a clear aim of holding Mariupol hostages, to constantly bomb and shell it."

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