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Marijuana smokers or possessors will be released from prison; Announcement by US President Joe Biden

Marijuana Laws in the US: US President Joe Biden has made a big announcement regarding marijuana or cannabis. Biden has announced a pardon for all those who possess small amounts of marijuana and are incarcerated. He said it is not fair to imprison someone just for drinking or possessing marijuana.

The decision will benefit around 6,500 convicts. No one is currently in federal prison for possession of marijuana. Most punishments are done at the state level. This decision will make it easier for those people to get jobs, houses and education. Also, many people were jailed for possession of marijuana, and some of them even lost their lives in the process. That is why Biden said that he was making this decision. Interestingly, before the election, Biden had promised to pardon such convicts.

The Democratic president said he would call on all state governors to grant pardons to those convicted of marijuana. Biden has directed the Justice Department and Health Department to review how marijuana is classified under federal law. "We treat marijuana as equal to heroin and more serious than fentanyl, but that doesn't make sense," he added.

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