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Maharashtra Lockdown Soon: Signs of another lockdown, soon regarding Mumbai local and school-college

The number of Corona and Omicron patients is increasing rapidly in Maharashtra including Mumbai. Several ministers have hinted that the lockdown could be re-imposed in the state in view of the growing prevalence of corona.

The number of corona patients in Maharashtra is increasing rapidly,

Possibility of re-lockdown in the state,

Possibility of decision regarding Mumbai local and school-college

The number of Corona and new variant Omicron patients is increasing across Maharashtra including Mumbai. This has raised concerns among the state government and the health department. If the number of patients continues to rise, the state could face another lockdown, the ministers in the Mahavikas Aghadi government have hinted. Given the current situation in Mumbai and the state, an important decision is likely to be taken today or tomorrow regarding the reopening of schools and colleges and the Mumbai Lok Sabha.

As per the information received, an important meeting of Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials will be held today, Monday (January 3). In view of the growing number of patients in Mumbai, Minister of State Vijay Vadettiwar has also hinted that a tough decision is likely to be taken soon regarding Mumbai locals. He has hinted at the possibility of implementing a mini lockdown like in West Bengal. Health Minister Rajesh Tope has recently clarified the rules regarding corona. He had said that if the demand for oxygen reached 700 metric tonnes, the state would automatically face a lockdown. He also said that the final decision in this regard would be taken by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.

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Ajit Pawar also hinted at lockdown

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar while talking to reporters in Satara today also hinted that a lockdown is likely to be implemented in the state. If the Corona outbreak continues, the state government will have to take tough decisions, which will be implemented in all parts of the state, he said.

Minister of State Vijay Vadettiwar said that lockdown is likely to be implemented in the state like in West Bengal. He said that the decision has been taken to close schools and colleges in West Bengal. Corona and Omicron infections are also on the rise in our state. The situation has also been discussed with Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. That will be the final decision, said Vadettiwar. One option could be to ban access to certain parts of the state by declaring it a containment zone. Strict rules can be enforced to control crowds. The Chief Minister is serious about the congestion in the Mumbai local. He also hinted that a decision like a partial lockdown could be taken at a cabinet and task force meeting like in West Bengal.

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