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Know the Shocking inside story: Is Arpita married?Did Arpita go to Singapore with Partha Chatterjee?

In the Teacher Recruitment Scam case in West Bengal, the Enforcement Directorate, i.e., ED's investigation, is going on. West Bengal minister Partha Chatterjee and his close aide Arpita Mukherjee are both currently in ED custody. Meanwhile, a sensational revelation has come to light that Arpita Mukherjee went to Singapore with Partha Chatterjee. In the ED interrogation, it was learned that in 2012, Arpita went to Singapore with Partha Chatterjee. According to the information, in 2012, Partha Chatterjee attended a summit called 'Beautiful Bengal' as a minister. During that time, Arpita Mukherjee had also reached out to meet him on a personal trip.

Many properties worth crores of rupees are now under the scanner of the ED in the West Bengal teacher recruitment scam. According to the information, the relationship between Partha Chatterjee and Arpita Mukherjee dates back to 2011. Papers of property taken for Arpita in 2011 have also been found from Parth's house. It is being said that ED officials are gathering evidence that Arpita had gone on a trip to Singapore with Partha Chatterjee. This is the same year since the SSC scam started. In such a situation, whether Arpita was associated with the SSC scam from the beginning arises.

According to ED sources, many land deals have occurred in about 10 years. At present, many properties are under the scanner of the ED. The ED is now also trying to know whether the money earned from the recruitment scam before demonetization has been invested in property. Arpita also made her own production house, through which she produced films. The ED suspects Arpita invested money in films to convert the recruitment scam money from black to white.

To whom was Arpita married?

The ED had said in the court that if the layers of investigation are opened, more than Rs 100 crore secrets will be found in this teacher recruitment scam.

It is just like peeling off the first peel of an onion. During interrogation, the ED has also come to know that Arpita had married a businessman from Jhargram but within a few months had left her husband and returned to Kolkata to become an actress.

Arpita Mukherjee got married against the family. She had a love marriage. Due to Arpita's love marriage, there was a distance between her and the family. It is being said that when Arpita's condition changed, the behavior of the family members also changed. However, now the family members have also started raising questions.

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