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Jahnavi Dangeti the first Indian to complete Nasa Programme

Jahnavi Dangeti achieved a great feat in Indian scientific history by grabbing the title of the First Indian to complete the NASA Program. Jahnavi Dangeti a seconded year engineering student has been fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and simultaneously her desire for exploring the mysteries of the universe has driven her to successfully become a part of the IASP International Air and Space Program. According to the information IASP picks out only a handful of talented 20 young minds from all over the world and Jahnavi successfully managed to become a part of this program.

Jahnavi during her Program was responsible for guiding a team of 16 members from all over the world and was also appointed as the Mission Director for Team Kennedy. She also claimed that various activities like Zero gravity, underwater rocket launch and piloting an aircraft and many more such activities were conducted and she actively participated in them.

Jahnavi at present is a second-year engineering student and incessantly acknowledges the opportunities offered, which can help her in accomplishing her dream. Jahnavi speaking about her dreams claimed that “she wants to be the first Indian to set foot on Mars”. “ I am welcoming every opportunity to reach my dream by enrolling in myriad workshops and projects”

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