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Israel and Hezbollah Exchange Fire Near Israel-Lebanon border

In a series of escalating exchanges on Thursday morning, Israel launched a barrage of missiles and artillery strikes targeting the outskirts of Lebanese border villages, including Naqoura, Blida, Alma Al-Shaab, and Labouneh, according to the Lebanese National News Agency.

Lebanese authorities reported that the Labouneh area is now "almost barren" due to Israel's use of what they claim to be "incendiary bombs." The alleged use of these controversial munitions has raised concerns about environmental and humanitarian consequences.

Simultaneously, sirens blared in the northern Israeli town of Shtula after the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed to have detected "a number of missiles" launched from Lebanon. The IDF stated that these missiles landed in an open area, causing no immediate casualties.

Responding to the perceived threat, the IDF initiated artillery fire on various locations across the Lebanese border. This retaliation came after an anti-missile system successfully intercepted a projectile in the Dovev area of Israel, with no reported injuries.

In a social media post, the IDF asserted that it targeted "terrorist targets" affiliated with Hezbollah, hitting "several military positions" and eliminating "a terrorist operating in Lebanese territory, near the peace zone."

Following the Israeli strikes, the Iran-backed militant group Hezbollah retaliated by launching attacks on Upper Galilee in northern Israel. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for targeting Misgav Am, Bayad (across the border from the Lebanese town of Blida), the Yiftah barracks, and Metula.

The IDF acknowledged the attacks on the Misgav area and IDF posts in Metula but reported no casualties. Responding to the assaults, the IDF utilized artillery fire to counter the sources of the incoming fire, as detailed in their social media updates.

Moreover, the IDF claimed to have thwarted a "terrorist cell" attempting to launch anti-tank missiles from Lebanese territory on Thursday, indicating an ongoing and complex situation on the volatile Israel-Lebanon border.

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