INS Vikrant's last test was successful

INS Vikrant completes all tests, will be handed over to the Navy by the end of the month and will enter Navy service on August 15.

INS Vikrant, an indigenous aircraft carrier instrumental in strengthening the Navy, is now ready to enter the N y. Yesterday, on Sunday, July 10, the fourth and final test of INS Vikrant was successfully pas d. Vikrant returned to the bottom of the Kochi shipyard in Kochi port yesterday after testing various equipment at sea.

Vikrant will be handed over to the Navy by the end of July. The 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav' program will be celebrated on August 15 by entering the service of INS Vikrant Navy.

The name does not lapse in the Navy

In the Navy, it is customary to give the same name to a warship of the same category from time to time if a warship-submarine retires from service. The name of a warship in the Navy is never erased, destroyed, or tarnished. The name Vikrant will be retained on the occasion of the new wars p. The first aircraft carrier was commissioned by the Indian Navy around 1961, repairing an aircraft carrier used by the Brih. It was renamed INS Vikrant. Vikrant retired from the service in 17. It is now named after the first indigenously built aircraft carrier.

The new INS Vikrant has been built on its own, drawing on its own, using indigenous technology. Given the country's vast coastline and changing strategic situation, the 1990s saw the need for new and indigenously built aircraft carriers. The construction of Vikrant started at Kochi Shipyard in February 2009 after finalizing the plan of Vikrant, according to the Navy. The warship was launched on August 23. Various equipment was installed on the warship. Corona's time-delayed Vikrant's tests a t. Anyway, the first test was successful in August 2021, the second in October 2021, the third in January 2022, and the fourth in the first week of July. These tests included the warship's main engine, radar, messaging system, and other equipment. The warship's ability to handle fighter jets and helicopters was also examined. Now that all these tests have been completed, Vikrant will soon join the Navy.

The power of INS Vikrant

Vikrant is an aircraft carrier, meaning the floating airport is on Vikrant. Vikrant can handle more than 30 fighter jets and helicopters at the same t e. Vikrant weighs as much as 40,000 tons, and when operating at full capacity, it weighs about 45,000 tons. Vikrant can cover a distance of 15,000 km in one o. More than 1400 naval officers and personnel are stationed at Vikrant. The Barak-8 missile will be deployed at Vikrant, which penetrates targets at various heights up to 100 km in the air. At 262 meters long and 14th floor high, this indigenously built aircraft carrier will add value to the Navy's strike capability.

The technology of building aircraft carriers is considered to be very challenging. The construction of Vikrant is more than 66 percent indigenous. Only a handful of countries have been able to build aircraft carriers. Now India has also added to this.

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