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India's high-level meeting in the midst of Russia-Ukraine war,PM Modi made a plan regarding security

Today is the 18th day of the Russo-Ukraine War. Meanwhile, India spoke to the President several times from Russia and Ukraine. India has played a neutral role in this matter. Amidst the Russia-Ukraine dispute, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding a high-level meeting to review India's security preparedness and the current global scenario.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval, External Affairs Minister S. Many big leaders and officials including Jaishankar, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman were involved. In the meeting, the Prime Minister was apprised of the latest developments and various aspects of India's security preparedness in the border areas as well as in the maritime and airspace.

The Prime Minister was also briefed about the latest developments in Ukraine. PM Modi directed that every effort should be made to bring back the body of Naveen Shekharappa, who was killed in Kharkiv. Since Russia launched its military offensive on Ukraine, the prime minister has held several high-level meetings with Union ministers and senior officials. India has launched a massive operation named 'Operation Ganga' to bring back civilians trapped in war-torn Ukraine.

In these meetings, there has been a detailed discussion about this operation. So far, 674 students have been brought back to the war-torn city of Sumy in north-eastern Ukraine. At the same time, under the 'Operation Ganga' campaign launched two days after Russia's military campaign against Ukraine, about 18 thousand Indians have been brought back home so far. The government is constantly bringing back the Indian people trapped in Ukraine. PM Modi also talked to the heads of state of both the countries in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine dispute.

Modi has appealed to the two leaders to return to talks and diplomacy to end the bloodshed and destruction. PM Modi appreciated Russia's declaration of ceasefire and the creation of humanitarian corridors in parts of Ukraine, including Sumy. Apart from this, the PM stressed the importance of evacuation of Indian citizens from Sumi at the earliest. After which President Putin assured to get the Indian out safely.

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