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India’s Documentary Film “Writing with Fire” enters the race of Oscar 2022

Directed by the duo of Sushmit Ghosh and Rintu Thomas “Writing with Fire” successfully manages to enter the race of Oscar 2022. The documentary with a profound and searing perception is shortlisted from 138 films and is now featured in the category of 2022 academy award.

The often encountered and stark reality exhibited in the film has won the hearts of many and has left the audiences with a perception to contemplate. The film eloquently squints at the stark contrast which the female sect faces in a patriarchal society. The film acknowledges the hardships of the group of Dalit-women JOURNALIST struggling to establish their feat in a male-dominated domain of Journalism. Such a scenario is very commonly witnessed not only in the field of Journalism rather it extends to other various domains of politics, cops, miners, and many more.

Khabar Lahariya the only newspaper led by the women group and the reporter Meera are toiling with their personal and political issues and are still endeavoring to turn every stone to take their newspaper to a digital level. The experiences and the background story of Meera can stimulate women from different corners of the world to establish their feat in a male-dominated society. More interestingly this chunk of journalists are not well acquainted with the modern techno-savvy ways of life but still manage to overcome their frail and eloquently catch up with modern times.

The documentary film has received worldwide adulation and many Hollywood reporters have appreciated the film by tagging it as “insightful and Inspirational”. The Washington Post has acknowledged the film as “the most inspiring Journalism Movie”. The results would be drawn by general voting and the general voting would begin on 27 January and the results would be declared on 8th February.

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