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India and China together in Russia's war games, how Vladimir Putin took the lead?

In Russia, military exercises of many countries, including India and China, are going on. This exercise, which started on September 1, is going to last till the 7th, in which 50 thousand soldiers and 5,000 big weapons will be involved. Not only this, 140 aircraft and 60 warships will also be part of it. This military exercise of Russia is seen as a successful attempt to bring the world's big powers to its side amid the war with Ukraine.

Especially joining India and China in this military drill is a big success for him. It is believed that through this exercise, Russia wants to signal the fall of America in Asia alone. Let us tell you that both India and China did not criticize Russia on the Ukraine issue. Especially about India's silence, the US and European countries had raised questions and demanded support, citing democracy. The military drill, known as the Vostok-2022 War Games, has also added to America's concerns. Recently, the US had said that it is a matter of concern for any country to join military exercises with Russia.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the countries involved in the Russian-led organization STO are participating in this military drill. America has increased its defence partnership with India in the last few years, but even after that, the Indian Army going to Russia can be a cause of concern for it. Talking from India's point of view, the ongoing border dispute with Pakistan and China and the role of Russia as a supplier of arms is important. India has completed the S-400 missile deal with Russia and will purchase 30 fighter jets. Apart from this, China says that it has sent its land, air and navy for the drill.

China said that this drill would focus on dealing with the US threat in the Pacific Ocean. Not once has China condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine. Apart from this, Russia has also supported China on the issue of Taiwan. In this way, Vladimir Putin has done big lobbying in Asia on the pretext of military drills. Especially bringing together rivals like India and China is a diplomatic victory for Vladimir Putin. Apart from these countries, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan are included in this drill. In addition, Syria, Algeria, Mongolia, Laos and Nicaragua are also participating.

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