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In the era of Corona crisis, now another bad news has come to the fore.

Image courtesy to Financial Times

After Omicron, scientists have discovered a new variant of Corona 'Variant IHU'. According to the information, the Variant IHU can change its appearance 46 times. It is being told that it may be more vaccine resistant and infectious than the original Kovid virus.

According to sources, Variant IHU has been discovered in France. 12 cases of this new variant have been reported in Marseille, France. These cases have been seen in those people who had returned from the African country of Cameroon.

This variant was discovered by the Méditerranee Infection Foundation on 10 December. It is a matter of relief that at present the Variant IHU is not spreading fast.

At present, it is not yet known how dangerous and infectious Variant IHU will be. Because the Omicron variant is currently wreaking havoc in France, Omicron cases account for 60 percent of the total confirmed corona cases.

It is also yet to be seen whether the variant IHU has been confirmed in other countries as well. Then the World Health Organization (WHO) will investigate further by labeling it Variant Under Investigation.

Professor Philip Colson, head of the team that discovered the new variant, said that the test found that it is made of the E484K mutation, which makes it more vaccine resistant. Meaning that the vaccine has an effect on it, its chances are less.

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