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How to Become a CID officer After 12th?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

CID officers are the type of cops who thoroughly investigate a crime and apprehend the perpetrator. CID stands for "Crime Investigation Department" in its full form. CID officers take every crime very seriously, yet they never work in a distinctive uniform; instead, they investigate as if they were ordinary citizens (civil dress code). The CID squad dresses in plain clothes so that no criminals know them and so that they can simply locate the perpetrators of the crime. If you want to work as a CID officer, you can find extensive information on how to apply, including the application form, qualifications, exam syllabus, and remuneration. In this article you will find out how to become a CID officer after 12th?

What is CID?

The British government formed the CID in 1902 to ensure law and order in the country. The entire CID team follows the state government's directions. This department is led by the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), who is assisted by the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

After the CID was established in 1902, it was divided into Special Branch and Crime Branch in 1920, and the CID Officer was assigned to investigate cases such as murder, serious assault, dacoities, cheating, and any sexual offence, among others. The CID Agent was assigned the task of catching the criminal with the evidence and presenting it in court.

How to become a CID officer after 12th?

So, let us look at a very prevalent question among Indian youth: how to become a CBI officer after completing their 12th grade.

In order to become a CBI officer, you must first obtain a bachelor's degree (in any field) from a recognised college or institute.

You cannot apply for the CBI Exam until you have completed 12th grade.

Eligibility Criteria

Let's have a look at the requirements for becoming a CBI Officer:

  • A Bachelor's Degree (Any Stream) from a recognised college is required.

  • It is preferable to have a bachelor's degree with a grade point average of higher than 50%.

  • If you wish to work as a Sub Inspector for the CBI, you must be between the ages of 20 and 30.

  • General Category (20 – 30 years) / SC/ST Category (20 – 35 years) / OBC Category (20 – 35 years) (20 Years to 33 Years).

  • Physical fitness is a must: Men are 165 centimetres tall, while women are 150 centimetres tall.

Educational Qualification to become CID Officer

  1. Applicants must be Indian citizens to work as CID Agents.

  2. Either a man or a woman can apply to become a CID.

  3. To become a CID, the candidate must have completed the 12th grade.

  4. Candidates must be a graduate of a recognized university in any field.

Exam Syllabus for CID

An applicant must pass a written exam, a physical exam, and an interview to become a CID officer. After that, the candidate is chosen for this position based on his or her qualifications. First and foremost, candidates must take a written exam. The candidate who passed this exam is then invited to an interview. This exam's syllabus is as follows:

Preliminary Examination

Candidates will be asked questions from the General Intelligence + Reasoning sections of the test. Candidates who pass this examination are then invited for a physical examination.

Physical Examination

The candidate must first pass a physical examination, after which he or she will be invited for an interview.


Candidates who pass both exams are invited to an interview, during which other officers present will ask you questions, and your rank will be determined based on your performance.

CID Branches

The Crime Investigation Department is divided into various parts (CID). For other CID categories, the function is also distinct.

1. The fingerprint office: These officials operate in crime scenes to identify and gather fingerprints and footprints.

2.Human trafficking: These officers work on cases of human trafficking and investigate them. They also arranged a number of district police awareness events as well as other important institutions to raise knowledge about court instructions and the Anti-Human Trafficking Inquiry procedure.

3. Office of missing person- Police are seeking to find the missing person and gather evidence at the Missing Persons Office.

4. Crime Testing: At the crime scene, this device detects the crime scene, gathers information, and gathers evidence.

5. Dog Breeds- With the use of CID-trained dogs, the squad is assisting other police officers in gathering evidence.

CID Officer Salary

CID receives varying salary depending on their level. Salary ranges from 8000 to 24500 rupees in this case. Aside from that, the CID is granted several perks such as grade pay, dearness allowance, leave travel allowance, medical and accommodation allowances, and so on.

CID Rank/status

ADG – Additional Director-General of Police

DIG – Deputy Inspector General of Police

Police Inspector

IG – Inspector General of Police

SI – Sub-Police Inspector

SP – Superintendent of Police

DSP – Deputy Superintendent of Police


Attempt Limits to become CID Officer

Different attempt restrictions have been set for different groups in order to become a CID officer. Only the prescribed number of attempts are available to a candidate.

4 times in the general category

7 times in the OBC category

The amount of times you can enter the ST/SC category is unlimited.

Duties and responsibilities of CID officer

Officers from the CID investigate violent crimes such as murder, serious assault, robbery, fraud, and rape. A CID officer gathers all relevant information and evidence, apprehends the perpetrator, and presents the case in court.

Officers must also go to a variety of towns and states in order to gather information. Officers can, however, enlist the assistance of local cops to solve the case.

Other departments, such as the Fingerprints/Footprint Bureau, the Anti-Human Trafficking and Missing Persons Bureau, the Human Rights Department, Bank Fraud, Dog Squad, Crime Inspection and Scientific Research Center, and others, are also needed to solve the case.

The CID department has a large number of openings. The Additional Director General of Police is in charge of this division (ADGP). Whom the Inspector General of Police (IGP) provides assistance to.

CID Officer Dress code

Be advised that the officers in this squad do not wear the same uniforms as regular police officers and instead live in civilian clothing. It is also stated in the manual that unless there is a special event, CID Officers will not wear uniform and will instead dress in civilian attire.

Aside from that, they don't even salute their superiors.

Selection Procedure for CID officer

To become a CID officer, you must first pass a written test, then a physical test, and then an interview. Candidates for CID Officer must first pass a written test, followed by a physical examination. If the candidate passes both of these tests, he will be invited for an interview.

Now you'll want to know when and where their examination is held, so I'll tell you that the CID officer's exam is held every year by UPSC and SSC, and you can check online at their website. You can take it in two parts: the first exam is a 200-point paper with a 2-hour time limit, and the second exam is a 400-point paper with a 4-hour time limit. You will be called for an interview after passing these exams and physical testing, after which you will be hired as a CID officer.

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