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Hate speech against Hindus in Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque appeals Pakistan to attack

Now the fire of protest is burning in Palestine over the controversial statement of BJP leaders on the Prophet Mohammad. A rally was organized against the Hindus at Al Aqsa Mosque. In this rally, a call was given to wage jihad against Hindus. Now the voices of protest are being heard from Palestine regarding the controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad. An anti-Hindu rally was organized on June 10 at Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque in protest against BJP leaders' comments on Prophet Mohammed.

According to the report of The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), during the rally at Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinian Islamic scholar Nidhal Siam called for starting jihad against Hindus who worship cows. Referring to India's neighboring country Pakistan, he said that Pakistan has a capable army to teach a lesson to Hindus.

Islamic scholar Nidhal Siam said, "We are addressing the troops of Muslims from Al Aqsa Mosque. In Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and all Muslim countries, we say, Where are you? Is this not the right time to support your religion and Prophet Muhammad? Isn't it the right time to liberate your countries? People of Pakistan, you have more responsibility than anyone else in combating Hindus. The video calls for uniting Muslim countries against Hindus.

In the video, Islamic scholar Siam said, America first attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. After this, Sweden kidnapped Muslim children. France attacked. The Russians attacked several times. Then China committed crimes. Now the Hindus who worshiped the cows destroyed the mosques. They killed Muslims and destroyed their villages. He said, people of Pakistan, you have to play a more significant responsibility in fighting the Hindus. They (Hindus) are absolutely on your border. They have captured your lands and are killing your people. The time has come to open the battlefield to compete with the Hindus. Let us tell you that the controversial remarks of BJP leaders on the Prophet Mohammad are being opposed on a large scale in the country and abroad. Instead of stopping this controversy, it is getting worse. There are also reports of boycotts of Indian products in many countries.

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