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Had sex by threatening to kill son, husband cut off constable's nose, ears, and lips

In Pakistan, it was punishment for a police officer to make love by blackmailing another's wife.

The angry husband cut off the policeman's nose, ears, and lips. The case is in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Police said on Monday that a man cut off the nose, ears, and lips of a police constable. In this case, the accused person said that the constable used to blackmail his wife and force her to have an illicit relationship with her.

Police said constable Qasim Hayat was tortured before cutting off his nose, ears, and lips by prime accused Muhammad Iftikhar on Sunday in the Jhang district, about 200 km from Lahore. He and his comrades inflicted severe torture on Constable Qasim and then cut off his nose, ears, and lips.

A police officer said, "The accused Iftikhar suspected that Constable Hayat was having an illicit relationship with his wife. When the constable was on his way back to his house, Iftikhar along with 12 of his associates kidnapped him and took him to a secluded place. There they subjected him to severe torture before cutting off his body parts with a sharp-edged weapon." The constable was taken to District Headquarters Hospital Jhang, where his condition is stated to be critical.

Last month, Iftikhar filed a case against constable Hayat under sections 354 (assault on woman), 384 (extortion), and 292 (obscene act) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). Iftikhar claimed that Hayat forced his wife to have an illicit relationship with him while threatening to kill his son. Iftikhar claimed that when his wife met Hayat, he forced her to have sex with her, and he also videotaped the act and later started blackmailing her.

Police said that raids are on to trace Iftikhar and his associates.

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