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Gandhi and Nehru inspired others on democracy and non-violence: Governor of New York

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul said on Tuesday that she inspired many, including Gandhi, Nehru, Martin Luther King, to democracy and non-violence. She also said that India and America are united by inclusiveness, equality, freedom of speech, and religious values.

Addressing members of the Indian-American community at the Queen's Museum on India's Independence Day, Hochul said both India and the US criticized the overthrow of colonial rule. India is completing 75 years since its liberation from colonial rule. Hochul also mentioned that now the people of India are moving towards democracy. Hochul said, "In the United States, we bind America and India with the values ​​of rejecting colonial rule, embracing democracy, inclusiveness, equality, freedom of speech, and, course, freedom. These values ​​India and America are learning from each other.

Gandhi and Nehru always inspired others about AHISA and democracy. We learned about them in school. About what is a struggle, teaching democracy and non-violence? Hochul also said that King always mentioned Gandhi and Nehru.

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