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Furious over the India-US joint statement, Pakistan said that the two countries should not target us

In a statement issued after the US-India 2+2 ministerial talks on Wednesday, Pakistan rejected the mention of Pakistan and terrorism as inappropriate. In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan, it has been said that India is trying to hide state-funded terrorism and atrocities against Kashmiris with such information. India-US had said in their joint statement that Pakistan should take concrete action against terrorist organizations. In the two countries' joint statement, the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan has issued a statement saying, 'The reference to some of the dead terrorist organizations in the statement shows the wrong anti-terrorism focus of both the countries.'

PTI supporters of Imran Khan are saying about the mention of Pakistan in the Indo-US joint statement that such a statement was issued because the new government of Pakistan was formed with the support of America. However, such reports have been published by the US in the past. In its statement, the State Department said that it is unfortunate that two countries are targeting a third country for their political gains.

These countries are trying to mislead public opinion with real and emerging threats of terrorism. The statement said that the statements made against Pakistan are malicious and lack credibility. In its report, the Ministry of External Affairs said that Pakistan had made great efforts to deal with terrorism in the last two decades.

"Pakistan's successes and sacrifices in combating terrorism have been widely acknowledged by the international community, including the US," the statement said. No country in the region has sacrificed more for peace than Pakistan. The Ministry of External Affairs said, 'Responsible countries of the world should condemn India's use of terrorism as an instrument of the country's policy.

Is using the earth and supporting terrorist organizations designated by the United Nations. Failure to take cognizance of this grave situation is equivalent to abdicating international responsibility. The statement said that Pakistan hopes that partner countries will refrain from such unilateral, politically motivated, and distant rhetoric of ground reality.

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