Europe's farmer's endeavors to produce biogas and undermine the dependency on Russian energy

Since the Russian-Ukraine war, Europe has exhibited its clear stance by imposing severe sanctions on Russian resources. European countries are striving to find an alternative energy source to end their dependency on Russian energy resources. In the wake of ending their dependence, European farmers in the southwest fields of Paris join Europe's fight to free the continent from the dependency on Russian resources.

To offset the Russian energy, the European farmers are working on a method that will help produce biogas by mashing and fermenting crops and agricultural waste. This new way of producing biogas is being promoted throughout the continent and is cited as an energy solution to stave off Russian energy.

Though the critics have highlighted the insufficiency of the small rural gas plant to replace the huge demand for Russian resources, the European farmers feel that their new gas plant will help to unite Europe to fight against Russia. Critics have also claimed that instead of using crops to produce the biogas, farmers should channel their energy into making food products as the food prices are soaring high.

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