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EU daily Covid Cases reached a new apex of 1 Million

Omicron another variant of Covid-19 is spreading its feet over the map. This variant is reaching every nook and corner of the world and its influence is witnessed in many developed countries. Many European countries are witnessing a surge in omicron cases.

On Wednesday EU reported the highest number of cases across Europe. EU claimed that on Wednesday the total number of Covid-cases exceeded 1 Million, the highest number of cases recorded since the onset of the pandemic. The alarming surge in the graph of Covid-19 has risen continued concerns over the tackling of this pandemic.

Though the symptoms of the Covid cases witnessed in Europe are mild and not life-threatening, but still, the governments of different EU countries are concerned about the pressure on hospitals and health services. Government are endeavouring in every possible way to tackle the situation and is incessantly exhorting for complete vaccination among its people.

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