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Due to Mysterious Disease 89 died: another new disease is on the rise along with Corona.

A new disease is spreading in Sudan: Following the outbreak of a mysterious disease in Sudan, the World Health Organization (WHO) has sent a rapid response team of scientists to the region to collect samples from sick people and investigate.

The outbreak of the mysterious disease in the African country of Sudan has raised concerns of the World Health Organization. The WHO's Rapid Response Team has arrived in Sudan's Fangham and is working on it.

At a time when African countries, like the rest of the world, have been hit hard by the corona, a new disease has just begun. An investigation has been launched into the mysterious disease that has plagued the health administration. However, as many as 89 people have lost their lives in this mysterious disease.

According to reports, several people have been killed in Fangkang, a town in the northern part of South Sudan's Jonglei state. This dire situation has also raised concerns of the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has sent a rapid response team of scientists to the area to collect samples from sick people.

The World Health Organization decided to send a rapid response team to investigate the threat. This group of experts will collect samples of sick people and study them. A total of 89 deaths have been reported in Sudan so far, according to Sheila Baya, a member of the World Health Organization.

Sudan is one of the many areas affected by the recent floods. Therefore, a group of scientists had to enter Fangak via a helicopter. The team is currently waiting for the means of transportation to return to the capital Juba, Sheila said.

The country's Minister of Land, Housing and Public Utilities, Lam Tungwar Kuigwong, said the deadly floods in the region bordering Jonglei had led to the spread of deadly diseases such as malaria.

The locals say that this new disease started due to the flood.

It is said to be one of the worst floods in the last 60 years. The floods have affected the lives of nearly 7 lakh people.

Due to the floods, these people are facing shortage of food and other necessities of life. Children are suffering from malnutrition due to malnutrition. The water has also become contaminated due to the presence of chemicals in the flowing water, so even the pets have to die.

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