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DRDO has successfully tested another missile named the Pralay missile

To make the Indian Army steely, DRDO has successfully tested another missile named the Pralay missile. This Pralay missile is a short-range missile, which has been tested from the Abdul Kalam Azad Islands of Orissa. This missile can hit the ground from 150 km to 500 km from the ground.

Capable of carrying up to 1 ton of gunpowder, this Pralay missile is capable of attacking with very high accuracy. India's DRDO is constantly working to fill strength in the arms of the Indian forces. During the deteriorating situation with China, DRDO wants to include missiles from short range to the large range in the Indian Army's war fleet. For the first time in history, the Indian Army has looked so powerful on the LAC border.

The brave lions of India have completed all the preparations to crush the dragon's hood. While China is testing supersonic missiles, India has built a lethal intercontinental missile-like Agni-5 in response to it. In response to the deployment of drones by China, the entire drone from India has been lowered into the sky to become China's era. In front of the sentiments of the Indian Army, the Chinese army seems to be defeated.

December 22 has been a very historic day for the Indian Army. India has demonstrated its hallmark by successfully testing the Pralay missile. And India is destroying the conspiracy prepared against India in the war room of China and Pakistan with its own strength.

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