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Doomsday Glacier’! Dangerous to the world

Pic courtesy to Euronews

Sea level rise is expected to rise by 65 centimeters if glaciers start collapsing. So of course flooding can happen.

The continent of Antarctica is known for its glaciers. Global warming has caused many of its glaciers to melt. The melting of the glacier known as 'Doomsday Glacier' will be dangerous for the world. If it starts collapsing towards the glacier, the sea level is likely to rise by 65 cm. So of course flooding can happen.

What is Doomsday Glacier?

It is one of the largest glaciers in the Antarctic continent. Doomsday Glacier covers an area of ​​80 miles and is about the size of Britain. The glacier has been melting since 2000 and has so far melted 1,000 billion tons of ice.

What if the glacier melts completely?

In 30 years, the melting of the Doomsday Glacier has accelerated. It is difficult for this glacier to remain stable for long. According to global meteorologists, sea levels have risen by 20 percent since 1900. If the Doomsday Glacier melts completely, there is a risk of a 65 cm rise in sea level.

What will be the consequences?

Coastal metros like Shanghai, New York, Miami, Tokyo and Mumbai will be submerged. Islands made up of islands like Kiribati, Tuvalu and Maldives will merge into the ocean. Millions of people will be left homeless in coastal areas. Many islands will be swallowed up by the sea, experts predict.

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