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Direct evidence of water on the moon from a Chinese spacecraft

The study was published in the journal Science Advances on Saturday. According to the report, the surface of the land where the Chinese spacecraft landed on the moon has less than 120 ppm of water. One ton of soil contains 120 grams of water. Similarly, less than 180 ppm of water has been found in the light porous rock. The surface of the moon is much drier than that of the earth's surface soil and rocks. Although the existence of water on the lunar surface has been determined by observation from a distance, the spacecraft has now discovered traces of water in the rocks and soil on the lunar surface. At the same time, the existence of water was discovered by examining the spectral reflections of soil and rocks on the surface by means of a device on this spacecraft. This is the first time this has happened.

According to the study, the lunar surface may have dried up as it evaporated for some time in the lunar surface.

The source of water on the moon

Solar winds are the main cause of moisture in the lunar soil. This is because the hydrogen in these winds produces water, say researchers. He also claims that the extra 60 ppm of water found in the rocks may have come from the lunar eclipse.

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