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Denmark: shooting in a shopping mall in Denmark, and many killed

The shooting took place at a mall in Copenhagen, Denmark. There are reports of many deaths in that shooting. Police have arrested one person on the spot, and further investigation is underway. It was not immediately clear how many people were injured. However, the mayor of Copenhagen said the attack was "very serious".

Some photos have also surfaced from the scene, showing people running around in panic. People started running outside as soon as the shooting started in the mall. He was hiding wherever he could find a place. Someone took refuge in the shop while someone was seen running on the open streets. Locals say the bullets are making a lot of noise. Three to four bullets were fired accordingly.

A large police contingent was deployed at the spot after the shooting. People are urged not to roam the area. Police also said that many people were killed in the attack. Regarding the whole incident, Mayor Sophie Hestorp Anderson says it is not yet known how many people were injured or how many died. But, the attack is problematic. It is a very serious matter, he said.

Meanwhile, the injured have been admitted to Rigshospitalet Hospital in Copenhagen for treatment. More than three patients are currently being treated at the hospital. However, it is feared that this number will increase in a short time, so the number of nurses and surgeons in the hospital has increased.

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