Corona stirred again in China, Apple factory workers fleeing by climbing walls for fear of lockdown

In China, repeated lockdowns have been imposed in cities to overcome covid-19.

The people of China are so upset with the restrictions of the lockdown that they are ready to risk their lives to avoid it. The latest case is of China's world's largest Apple factory. Panicked workers are fleeing the iPhone factory in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou, fearing corona lockdowns and infection. Due to the lockdown, people are running away by climbing the walls, fearing they should not be trapped inside the factory. According to Chinese media reports, Apple's flagship device production may slow down in the coming months. Foxconn Technology Group runs the plant. It had promised to arrange buses for workers wishing to go back to their homes on Sunday.

But in the viral video clip on social media, it can be seen that people are running on foot. The news is that the workers of this factory are running by climbing the walls to escape the restrictions. The viral video released on social media shows that Apple employees are somehow getting out of the factory by climbing the boundary balls and cutting fencing. Many people have also been injured during this. They are running from there in injured condition. According to Chinese media reports, more than 2 lakh workers work in the world's largest Apple factory.

It is located in Zhengzhou City, Central Henan Province of China. Other reports said that the situation inside the factory had been deteriorating for some time, after which people were forced to flee from there. The factory is under the shadow of lockdown after cases of corona infection came to the fore in the city. There are strict rules regarding lockdowns in China. City cities are sealed even when there are a handful of cases.

People have to get the covid test done again and again. Due to the panic of lockdown, the workers and workers working in the factory making Apple iPhone want to reach their homes by running away somehow. People are walking home more than 100 km. According to the company's latest notice, Foxconn has set up seven pickup points for employees leaving the campus. Local authorities in other cities of Henan also arrange buses to take people to their homes. The Henan Daily, a local newspaper, quoted the Foxconn unit in charge of assembling the iPhone 14 series as saying that the factory was in dire need of workers.

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