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Chinese President Xi Jinping's call for Asian nations to unite against the US

Xi Jinping has made an important call for the Asian countries to come together. Xi Jinping has said that Asian countries are committed to resolving differences and disputes.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has targeted the United States over security strategies in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. "Asian countries need to unite to prevent outside forces," Jinping said. Jinping's remarks come from the war between Russia and Ukraine. We must respect the sovereignty of all nations. Jinping was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for the 2022 Asian Summit. Jinping has also announced a six-point program for global security.

Jinping's statement clarifies China's role in the Russia-Ukraine war. China has refused to comment on Russia's aggression against Ukraine. China has taken a neutral stance in this regard. NATO members will threaten Russia's security, Jinping said. Jinping said all countries should respect other countries' sovereignty and territorial integrity. He said that there was a need to implement a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of any country.

Xi Jinping called on all countries to resolve their differences peacefully through dialogue and deliberation. He also said that all countries should be committed to maintaining security in both traditional and non-traditional areas. Jinping said there was a need to work together on global issues such as regional conflict, terrorism, cyber security and biodiversity conservation.

The statement that Asian countries need to come together to deter outside forces is against the US strategy in the South China Sea. In the South China Sea, the US tries to bring together anti-China countries. The United States is pursuing a policy of countering China's growing military in the South China Sea. China has opposed the Quad Association of India, Australia, the US and Japan.

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