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Chinese dock "spy ships" have entered Colombo, and India has raised concerns

According to the port officials, the Yuan Wang 5 has been permitted to dock in Sri Lanka because it would not carry out research in Sri Lankan waters. India has raised concerns and opinions that the ships would be used to spy on Indian activities. But despite this, Sri Lanka's Foreign Ministry has said that the ship will be allowed to remain in the port, which China runs until August 22.

This ship visit for "replenishment purpose" comes just a day after India gifted a Dornier maritime reconnaissance island nations to tackle multiple challenges like human and drug trafficking, smuggling, and other organized forms of crime on its coastal waters more effectively. Hambantota's southern deep sea port has been mainly developed with Chinese loans, and Beijing has considered it strategically crucial because of its location. And India has said that it is now more careful and monitors development having a bearing on its security and economic interests.

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