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China was under Corona shock again; Only three patients found and the whole city was locked down!

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China is also eyeing the Lunar New Year and the Winter Olympics in Lobbying. Therefore, following strict rules, China has declared a complete lockdown in Yuzhou, Henan Province, after Xi'an.

Fear of Corona infection!

Three patients were found in Yutzu!

Citywide lockdown as a precautionary measure!

China, the country where corona was first found, has also been hit by corona infection. China has imposed a complete lockdown on another city to control the corona outbreak. According to reports, only three new cases were reported in Yutzhou, Henan Province. However, as a precautionary measure, the Yutzu administration announced a lockdown of the entire city. The three patients who came forward had no symptoms of the corona.

Earlier, a lockdown was announced in the Chinese city of Xi'an. After that, the citizens of Yutzu now have to follow the strict rules of lockdown. On December 23, 1.3 million people in Xinjiang province were ordered to remain under house arrest. About 3 million citizens of this city have been locked in their homes for the last 15 days. Only sick people were allowed out of the house during the lockdown.

According to Yutzhou officials, who are about 700 km southwest of Beijing, "it is a priority for both citizens and government officials to cover and eliminate the corona in the shortest possible time."

However, many citizens have expressed displeasure over this unnecessarily strict lockdown. He said that due to the lockdown rules, there was not enough food left in his house. However, the officials denied the allegations and said that adequate food supplies were being provided.

China is also eyeing the Lunar New Year and the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

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