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China's missiles hit Japan, a new controversy!

Edited by Amit K Ghosh

Beijing/Taipei: The tension between china and Taiwan continues to grow. As soon as the Speaker of the US Parliament, Nancy Pelosi, returns from Taiwan, China starts to take aggressive measures against Taiwan. People's Liberation Army (PLA) has launched massive military exercises in six locations around Taiwan. China fired some missiles toward Taiwan. China fired missiles for the first time after WW II hit the special economic sector of Japan. Japanese defense Minister Nobuo Kishi confirmed on Thursday. Therefore, there is a possibility of creating a new dispute.

China has deployed several intercontinental ballistic missiles near Taiwan's northeast and southwest coasts. China has named this military exercise "live firing." China's state news agency reported that the exercise was being conducted only 16 km away from the coast of Taiwan. Authentic weapons and ammunitions are being used in this exercise, and this exercise will continue till August 7. China used to conduct this type of exercise 100 km away from Taiwan. However, after Nancy's visit, they are now practicing much closer.

We don't want war: Taiwan has also started exercises for internal defense. We don't want any stress. The country is against any position that would create controversy. We don't want war, but we will be ready for war, Taiwan's defense ministry said.

A US Navy warship was spotted in the Philippine Sea, southeast of Taiwan. The spot where the warship was spotted is in the southeast of Taiwan. The US Navy said the USS Ronald Reagan conducts regular patrols there.

Impact on global supply

China is conducting military exercises in the sea near Taiwan. Almost half of the world's cargo ships pass through this route. Semiconductors and other electronic devices are shipped from Taiwan. This sea route is also important for natural gas supply. China is likely to disrupt maritime traffic due to this military exercise.

Pelosi avoided the statement on China-Taiwan relations in Seoul: After visiting Taiwan and raising the bar on China, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in meetings with political leaders in Korea. However, She refrained from making public statements on Sino-Taiwan relations.

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