China has developed a technology that can read the mind of the human

An artificial intelligence system has been developed by researchers at Hefei Comprehensive National Science Centre, which can analyse facial expressions and brain waves of Communist Party members to determine how they will react to 'thought education'. The technology was detailed in an article uploaded on 1st July but was deleted shortly afterwards. Researchers claim that the artificial intelligence (AI) system can check the loyalty of Communist Party members with more than 97% accuracy.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr Max Tegmarksaid that - "the interesting challenge with the help of artificial intelligence is done for going towards good direction". Dr Tegmarkstated that –" he once wrote a letter to famous theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, which argued artificial intelligence is going to be either the best thing ever to happen to humanity or the worst thing. I think we need to be more humble and acknowledge that we don't know what it is that makes something able to experience and feel things."

According to the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Centre, the high-tech development would be used to "further solidify their confidence and determination to be grateful to the party, listen to the party and follow the party".

The use of Artificial intelligence has appeared in China before. Also, back in 2018, the South China Morning Post reported that brain-scanning technology was being used on factory workers in Hangzhou. Also, China's government uses increasing scrutiny for high-tech surveillance, from facial recognition-enabled security cameras to apps used by police to extract personal information from smartphones at checkpoints. This involves brain-reading helmets to read a worker's emotions and artificial intelligence algorithms to detect emotions such as depression and anxiety.

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