Channi to be Congress chief ministerial candidate

Voting for the Punjab Assembly elections will be held on February 20. But the ruling Congress in the state has not yet announced its chief ministerial candidate. However, the Congress High Command is said to have sealed the name of the present Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channy. The reason for this is hidden in Prime Minister Modi's visit to Punjab.

The controversy in the Congress, which started from the post of Chief Minister in the Punjab Assembly elections, is now coming to an end. The Congress High Command has finalized the name for the Chief Minister's post. Incumbent Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channy will be the Congress's chief ministerial candidate in the elections. His name will be announced before February 10. According to media reports, Congress will take this step to prevent any loss in the elections. Punjab will go to the polls on February 20 for the Assembly elections. During the last election in 2017, 10 days before the polls, Rahul Gandhi had announced the name of Capt. Amarinder Singh as the Chief Minister. For this, the High Command has taken the basis of Channy's 100 days work. Channy's work has improved the position of the Congress, sources said.

At present, Congress does not have a better name for the Chief Minister's post than Channy. High-ranking Congress sources said that the manner in which Channy had tarnished his image by manipulating the Congress during the upheaval in Punjab has created an atmosphere in favor of the Congress.

Even in the midst of huge political turmoil such as Prime Minister Modi's security flaws a few days ago, Channy has been impressed with his leadership ability. In the last election too, the Congress had announced its candidate for the Chief Minister's post at the last minute. The polls so far have shown that Congress is ahead in the race for power. Apart from this, the high command is under great pressure from the 109 candidates fielded by Congress for the post of Chief Minister.

Announced at the last minute:

In the 2017 Assembly elections, the then Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi had announced Captain Amarinder Singh as the Chief Ministerial candidate at the last minute. Even then, Navjot Singh Sidhu was leading the race for the Chief Minister's post. However, his address was cut off. From then on, there was an argument between Captain and Sidhu. Before the Assembly elections, Sidhu had succeeded in removing Captain from the post of Chief Minister. Due to Sidhu, even the captain has to leave the Congress. They had to form a separate party and form an alliance with BJP.

The announcement of 'Aap' also increased the pressure

In Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party has declared Bhagwant Mann as its chief ministerial candidate. In the 2017 Assembly elections, the Aam Aadmi Party had contested the elections without the Chief Minister's face. So the party was hit. In view of this, the party has already announced Bhagwant Singh Mann as the face of the Chief Minister's post so that there would be no controversy after the 2022 Assembly elections.

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