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Canadian Woman Awakened by Barking Dog Finds Black Bear Raiding Car for Soda

A Canadian woman living on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast had a startling awakening in the middle of the night when her pet dog began barking uncontrollably. Upon checking outside to see what was causing the commotion, Sharon Rosel discovered that a black bear had opened the door of her car and was inside looking for something to eat and drink.

According to CBC News, Rosel discovered that the bear had consumed 69 of the 72 soda cans that she had in the vehicle. The bear appeared to be enjoying the drinks and was drinking massive amounts of soda when Rosel found him.

Rosel attempted to spray the bear with cold water from her balcony, but it had no effect on the bear's behavior. She also tried to reason with the bear by telling him that she would need to drive to work in the morning, but the animal ignored her and continued to consume the soda cans.

"Then I tried psyching him out by telling him I was a bear hunter. That didn't do anything either, so I had to stand by and just watch him devour my car," said Rosel.

As daylight arrived, Rosel took photos of the aftermath of the bear's raid. Many of the emptied cans were left strewn around the car, providing evidence of the bear's unusual behavior. The images quickly went viral as people shared the story of the sugar-loving bear.

Bear sightings are not uncommon in British Columbia, but incidents of bears breaking into cars to consume food and drink are relatively rare. According to wildlife experts, such behavior is often the result of a bear becoming habituated to humans and their food sources, which can lead to dangerous interactions.

While Rosel's encounter with the bear was unusual and humorous, wildlife experts advise that it's important to take precautions to avoid such situations. Experts recommend keeping garbage, pet food, and other food sources away from areas where bears are known to frequent, and securing cars and other vehicles to prevent bears from gaining access.

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