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Can the Russia-Ukraine war create the WW3? What can be its impact on global politics?

In a nutshell

The ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine is changing the political equations across the globe rapidly. Is it creating a scenario of the third world war? How has it become one of the toughest political situations for India? Is Joe Biden going to meet Vladimir Putin to resolve the issues? Go through the complete article to know about the future chances.

The ongoing friction between Russia and Ukraine is impacting lives across the globe by affecting world politics, share markets, global diplomacy, economy and other things. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already recognised two independent breakaway regions of Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk and ordered the deployment of Russian troops in these two regions. Not only that, but the Russian president has also signed two identical friendship treaties that allow him to build bases in separate regions.

The reaction of West

There is no doubt that Russia is the most powerful country in the world at present and also is the biggest exporter of arms across the globe. No other country is not really interested in getting involved in a fight with Russia. USA President Joe Biden has raised the problems of people of those two regions, Donetsk and Luhansk, by signing an executive order to impose trade sanctions on those regions. It was a prohibition order for Americans across the globe to do any new investments in these two regions. This order is not only for Americans within the American geographical territory but for Americans across the globe, no matter where they are. Not only that, but it also Prohibits any importation and/or exportation of service, goods or technologies to or from these regions. In a nutshell, we can say that the order was to cut every contact with those two breakaway regions. The order also prohibits

prohibits any approval, financial, facilitation or guarantee by an American no matter where the person is based at present.

A politically tough situation for India

India holds an important part in this tension as India shares a good bond with Russia, as well as with the United States. A big part of arms is imported from Russia to India. On the other hand, since the year of independence, India has been one of the most friendly countries to the United States. The support of India matters a lot for both of the countries.

Is Vladimir Putin going to meet the USA president?

According to the experts, things can get worse in the upcoming days or weeks as the tension between these two countries can affect world politics badly. At this time, everyone has a common question. Is there any chance for the Whitehouse to meet American President Vladimir Putin? The White House has already stated that the meeting will only be held if Russia doesn't invade Ukraine. On the other hand, the Russian president is also saying

(Until now) that he has no intention to invade Ukraine. The stage has already started to set for this historical meet. And this meeting can decide the future of world politics. Russia already has submitted their wishlist in December 2021 but that failed to stop the war. The world is looking forward to getting some positive notes from the meeting of these extremely powerful countries. This meeting can decide the future of world politics and if that doesn't happen and the situation gets worse, there can be a high chance that the world is going to face another big war.

Are there any chances of world war 3?

Thinking about world war 3? Though the situation is getting worse over the days, there are very few chances of the world witnessing the third world war, until the USA and Russia officially announce a military engagement against each other. If it happens, there is a high chance of huge destruction as almost every powerful country including Russia, the USA and India have nuclear weapons and Russia is the biggest exporter of this too.

If the scenario gets worse, we can expect China and Pakistan and some other countries to support Russia and western countries to support the USA. But this situation is less likely to occur.

There are many international and multinational organizations in between such as USO, NATO, SAARC and other organisations. A conflict that massive can ruin the structure of these organisations in future.

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